Santa Cruz, CA

"My love for surfing and for the ocean, has inspired me to create my metal sculptures. I get to imagine something in my mind, and watch it take form."



Jim grew up in Santa Cruz during the 60's, amongst a large family of 10 children and a single mom.  Having no other choice but to be independent and self-sufficient, Jim started working at an early age, and eventually opened and operated his own auto collision repair business. During the decades of repairing vehicles, which involved intense metal work and welding, using this type of medium became second nature.  He loved metal work, and always saw it as a form of art.

After retiring from his business, Jim continued his metal work to pass the time. He found enjoyment in using his imagination to create.  A blending of working with metal, and a passion for surfing took on an art form. This was the creation of Jim' s Waves of Steel. 

Jim's love of surfing, and the ocean is his inspiration.

"It's truly magical what the ocean can do for me. It's powerful, beautiful, and awesome. We are so fortunate to be part of it. You know you cannot conquer the ocean, but you'd like to try. You fear it, and love it at the same time."

Waves of Steel in the Community -

Surf City Kiwanis'

Crab Feed and Silent Auction Donation.

Jim Herbert is the 3-Dimensional Artist Spotlight winning artist for the month of June 2020. He is an award-winning metal sculpture artist based in Santa Cruz, California, USA.


Waves of Steel at the Santa Cruz Boardroom Skate Contest- -winner's trophy donation

Waves of Steel at the Jack O'Neill Memorial Paddle Out

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Waves of Steel scenes around Pleasure Point - Click arrows for more



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Surf Stuff A - Z Book

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The surfing world comes to life with its fun atmosphere and unique language.  Jim Herbert created these beautifully hand sculpted surfing characters in this book out of recycled metal such pipes, wire, and kitchen utensils. A very cool book to be enjoyed by all ages.  Surf's up Dude!   (See sample pages at

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The Santa Cruz Sculptor is the colorful autobiography of Jim Herbert, a metal sculpture artist from the beach town of Santa Cruz, CA. The book includes his story of how and why he became a sculptor along with the amusing stories of what inspired him to create his fantasy creatures. Best of all, the book is filled with photos of his incredible metal sculptures and the popular sites in and around Santa Cruz, CA.



Jim Herbert

Santa Cruz, CA  95062

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Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County 95062

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